Our  Borewells

Borewell Drilling Services

We can provide a specialized bore well drilling..we can offer excellent borewell, well drilling etc.. with 5 to 7 inch, 100 feet to 700 feet depth or commercial & Agro purposes.

Cleaning Service

Regular service assists in preventing damage to the well screen water pump and plumbing with dia 5 to 8 inch & depth 100 to 700 feet by best hitech equipments

Piling Works

We can provide the piling with dia 300 to 900mm depth with 3 to 30 meter with hitech equipments

Earthing Work

We can provide a best earthing works with dia 100 to 300mm depth with 2 to 12 meter.

Borewell Pipes

We can provide a types like CS,CM, CD etc.. construction of the tube wells and borewells for commercial and agro purposes with best quality pipes with best price


It is a hydraulic device that lifts fluids from low to high. We can provide ISI & ISO branded pumps with the best quality for commercial & agro purposes